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5 Methods That Make Untangling Necklaces A Breeze
Baby Powder
Adding baby powder to your necklace can make it significantly easier to remove tangles, and after you finish untangling, gently remove the baby powder. In a How To YouTube video, they put their necklace in a small dish and poured baby powder on the jewelry so it was completely coated, and then they carefully removed the tangles.
Thin Pointy Items
If you have tiny pointy items, like toothpicks, needles, or push pins, celebrity fashion stylist KJ Moody says to use two of them and “pull the two sides apart, open the knot, and untangle the chain.” Be extra gentle with this method, as handling any sharp object can be dangerous and you don’t want to poke yourself in the process.
Olive Oil
TikTok user @handmadebycaoimhe explained you can remove tangles by placing the necklace in a bowl that has a little olive oil in it. You can even use olive oil and tiny needles for super difficult tangles, and HAYMAEVE founder Alicia Sandve says, “Once untangled, rinse in warm water and pat dry before storing away.”