Woman with leather shopper bag outdoors, closeup
5 Shoulder Bag Trends You'll Want To Carry With You Everywhere In 2023
Beautiful & Bold
If you want to add some color to your wardrobe, consider investing in a bold, vibrant handbag. Even if color isn't your thing, a stylishly flashy shoulder bag is the perfect way to add a striking statement to your outfits this year.
Baguette Bag
The iconic ‘90s baguette bag is making its way back into fashion as a stylish way to hold your essentials. While you don't need to go as high-end with your pick, newer baguette bags will still give you a sleek design with a retro style.
Oversized Shoulder Bag
An oversized shoulder bag can help accommodate those who might need to carry more items while still giving the chicness of a shoulder bag. These larger bags should give you better access to your items without sacrificing space.