5 Simple Tips For Protecting Your Hair From Pollution
Use Of Heated Tools
You should limit the use of your heated tools, since it’s already an easy way to damage your hair. The damage from heated tools paired with pollution can wreak havoc on your hair, and if it’s already weak, pollution will only make it more brittle.
Add Antioxidants
You can increase your hair’s strength by adding the appropriate antioxidants and supplements, which can help it defend itself from pollution. Even eating antioxidant-rich foods is enough to help add strength to your hair, according to Bosley MD.
Shampoo & Cleanse
It’s always important to shampoo and cleanse your hair because you’ll be getting rid of dust, dirt, and daily grime, but don’t overdo it. If you over-wash your hair, you’ll be stripping your locks of the essential oils it needs to defend against polluting triggers.
Avoid Sticky Products
The more heavy and sticker the products, the more likely you’ll attract pollutants to stick to your hair. Instead of pomades, gels, waxes, and finishing products, try lightweight products like serums and oils because they will help you create your hairstyles, but won’t attract pollutants to your hair.
Cover Your Hair
If you don’t want to use products, the simplest way to protect your hair is by covering it, either with a hat or scarf, or by tying it up. The main idea behind covering your hair or pulling it back is to have the least amount of hair exposed to the open elements.