Group of five people smiling and laughing around a laptop at work
5 Ways To Change Your Work Reputation And Earn More Respect
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines the act of being introspective as looking into your own recent behaviors, mental states, thoughts, and experiences. If there is something you need to change or a habit you need to break, you need to identify what it is and actively seek to better understand yourself.
Establish Transparency
One of the best ways to improve your reputation at work is to be open and transparent with your supervisor. Communicating with them about your goals will help you establish a good working relationship while you both work to have you succeed in the workplace.
Put Perfectionism Aside
Being a perfectionist can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health because the stress that comes with it can lead to depression, IBS, ulcers, and other medical conditions. Aiming for perfection with your work can actually backfire and make you less productive.