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5 Ways To Effortlessly Style Face-Framing Bottleneck Bangs
'70s Bottleneck Fringe
To achieve the ultimate ‘70s hairstyle, curl out your bangs and try adding extra fringe for an almost shaggy aesthetic. To complete the style, give yourself a voluminous blowout to up the drama with this look, and flip out the ends of your hair to match your bangs.
Long Hair Bottleneck
Bottleneck bangs with long-layered hair are ideal for creating a face-framing look. Adding layers to long hair gives your hair a softer texture that creates a more romantic vibe and can also give your hair more volume.
Short Hair Bottleneck
On the contrary, going for a shorter bottleneck bangs hairdo gives your hair even more bounce and thickness. Adding short hair to bottleneck bangs can also help give you an edgier and more textured look.
Straight Bottleneck
Although bottleneck bangs are synonymous with blown-out and large hair, there's no saying you can't rock them with some straight hair. If you want to create extra length and sport a classic, timeless look, try giving your hair a swipe with the straightener.
Bottleneck Updo
If you are someone who wants to give their hair more movement and fun without putting too much work in, you can opt for an up-style hairdo. Just simply pull your hair back in a ponytail or bun to bring all of the focus to your bangs.