6 Activewear Trends That Will Have You Sweating In Style In 2023
Workout Onesies
These retro-inspired one-pieces are convenient, flexible, comfy, and great for any workout. Onesies make for a stylish outfit to hit the gym or grab a cup of coffee with friends.
Eco-friendly Fabrics
A lot of activewear has been composed of synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, so by switching to materials like bamboo charcoal, Nuyarn, and Seawool, the environment will thank you. Be sure to check labels the next time you’re on the hunt for activewear.
Give It A Twirl
Active dresses are all the craze because these comfy, flexible dresses have built-in shorts that are great for pilates, hiking, or tennis. This outfit brings extra feminine energy to the gym, and it’s a great piece that seamlessly transitions from the treadmill to the café.
The ‘90s Are Back
Loud patterns, bright colors, tanks over tees, high-waisted spandex shorts, chunky socks, and headbands are making a huge comeback in 2023. If you’re a ‘90s kid, you’ll feel the waves of nostalgia roll over you.
Flare Style
Flared leggings, also known as yoga pants to millennials, seem to be taking over people’s wardrobes. This is a staple piece that can be worn to the gym and lunch with friends, and thanks to its flattering shape, stretchy material, and versatility, you’ll want to get in on the trend.