Women's fashion vintage blue jeans. Pretty girl in fashionable denim pants holds her hands in her back pockets.
6 Denim Trends That Will Dominate Fall 2023
Low Rise
Low-rise denim is a prevailing trend for fall, evoking Y2K nostalgia and offering a street-style vibe when paired with tailored pieces like belted trench coats.
Cargo Jeans
Cargo jeans offer an easy way to achieve a laid-back, casual look. They have plenty of pockets and tend to have a baggy silhouette, giving an edgy and carefree vibe.
Darker Denim
Dark denim is sleek and modern, creating a tailored fit that adds sophistication to your autumn style while maintaining a casual vibe.
Undefined Shapes
Slouchy and oversized jeans make for a simple yet on-trend outfit. Their undefined, baggy shapes are all about comfort and a carefree structure.
Ultra Maxi Skirts
Denim maxi skirts that brush along the floor provide both coverage and style. A seasonal variation on denim miniskirts, they pair well with sweaters and coats.
Denim On Denim
This simple yet impactful outfit formula creates a retro, modern look that’s perfect for those who want to add a nostalgic feel to the trend.