A woman wears a silk flower choker and light grey ensemble as she walks into the Prada show during the 2023 Milan Fashion Week
6 Fashion Trends You'll Want To Have On Your Radar For Summer 2023
Shining Sheer Details
Sheer, revealing fashion is essential for summer 2023. Influencer, singer, and actress Addison Rae took to Instagram to show off her take on the sheer, beaded mini skirt.
Floral Frenzy
Not only are we seeing floral patterns but also flower motifs. Rosette chokers, flower-shaped claw clips, and jewelry with flower charms will be all the rage this summer.
The Quiet Luxury Look
Quiet luxury is achieved with understated, high-quality, timeless pieces. No logos or designer branding is needed; just let the garments’ silhouettes speak for themselves.