Young adult couple smiling and laughing
6 Posing Tips For Perfect Pictures Of You And Your Partner
Knowing how to pose alone is hard enough, but posing with someone else is a whole different story. Luckily, it just takes a few tricks and some practice to become ultra photogenic.
1. Don’t Face The Camera Directly
Create a more intimate photo by angling your bodies toward each other and touching your hips. Try gazing into each other’s eyes, or have just one person look at the camera.
2. Placement Is Everything
Everyone has a good side, so you need to consider both yours and your partner’s before posing. You can try angling your heads together, or setting up a hug from behind.
3. Don’t Stand Still
Don’t just stick to one pose when taking photos. Move around and be free, and have your photographer take photo bursts to capture multiple natural movements.
4. Seated Poses Can Be Difficult
For seated poses, angle your bodies toward each other so your knees touch, and keep your hands loose. If you’re outdoors, you can sit between their legs in the grass and lean back.