A woman in a fuchsia dress
6 Spring Fashion Trends To Purge In Favor Of A Refresh This Season
Spring is here, so it’s time to refresh your wardrobe. We’ve cultivated a list of trends that have fallen out of favor and the perfect new trends to swap them out for.
Fuchsia was a major trend in 2022, but the fashion world has moved on from this bold color. Swap it out for pale pink, which is much more feminine and easy on the eyes.
Cottagecore is out, instead try a clean, structured silhouette cinched at the waist and minimal patterns, like a little black dress or a belted jacket and pants set.
Empire Waist
Move on from Empire waist dresses and tops and try a peplum silhouette, a 2010’s business casual trend featuring flared waist detailing.
High-Rise Pants
Put aside high-rise pants for Alexander McQueen's bumsters. These low-cut pants are ideal for those looking to showcase their curvy hips, long legs, and toned abs.