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6 Telltale Signs That Your Relationship With Yourself Teeters Into Toxicity
The way we treat ourselves has a tremendous impact on our lives and our overall well-being. Eliminating toxic behaviors that we sometimes perpetrate on ourselves can set us on a course to self-love and happiness.
Negative Self-talk
A harsh inner dialogue often stems from low self-esteem and can occur when we’ve internalized negative experiences from our pasts. Talking to yourself as you would talk to those you love may help you heal your wounds and cultivate a sense of self-love.
Our brains get in our own way when we’re scared of a new challenge and will want to retreat and do things that are familiar to us in order to relieve anxiety. We are then tempted to procrastinate, distract ourselves, or not follow through on our commitments.
Being Overly Self-Critical
Making mistakes is an inevitable part of life, and we should allow ourselves to fail and embrace mistakes rather than fixating on them. Failing is often the best way to learn, even if you embarrass yourself in the process because it allows us to grow.
Ignoring Your Own Needs
Those who put themselves last usually have people-pleasing tendencies, which is the urge to please others, even at the expense of your own happiness. It's never selfish to set the boundaries you need. Remember: "no" is a complete sentence.