6 Tips For Successfully Handling Pre-Wedding Anxiety
Positivity Is Key
The last thing your nerves need is negativity, so surround yourself with supportive people. Positive influences before and during the wedding all add up to a happier experience and better memories. Tune out unsolicited advice and don’t be afraid to skip an invitation for anyone that isn't fully on board.
Focus On The Love
The pressure of wedding planning can stress you out and make you question the idea of marriage, but feeling this way doesn't mean that your relationship is flawed. Take some time to remember everything you love about your spouse, as these reminders can help you keep things in perspective and lessen your anxiety about getting married.
Visualize Married Life
Visualize how your lives will look once you're officially spouses, even if you're already living together. Block out the thoughts of the wedding day details, focus on all the great things in store after the wedding, and how marriage will deepen your connection.
Don’t Strive For Perfection
Pre-wedding anxiety can be ramped up trying to create a perfect fairytale, but the day should be about celebrating the love between you and your new spouse with your guests. You can’t please everyone, so don’t get too fixated on trying to make everything perfect and forget to enjoy the process.
Talk to Someone
If your nerves persist, venting your worries out loud can help diminish their intensity. Turn to a sibling, a friend, or a therapist, but make sure to choose a level-headed person that's proven to be a good listener, and who you know won't judge or invalidate your feelings.