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6 Tips To Add Mystery To Your Allure If You Really Want To Intrigue Others
These days, it’s easy to become used to sharing everything about your life to the point that you bombard others with details about yourself on social media. Doing so leaves little to the imagination, but if you’re able to add a bit of mystery to your persona, people will be itching to get to know more about you.
Ease Off Social Media
People will be much more intrigued about your life if you only pop up on their social media feeds every once in a while. Stay off the radar for a bit and save your posts for something newsworthy to make your life seem more exciting to others.
Listen More
The next time you meet someone new, just share one tidbit about yourself before asking the other person what their interests are. Your curiosity will make you seem intriguing and others will be flattered by your interest in them.
Stand Apart From The Crowd
In a group, you can stand out from the crowd by being quiet and mysterious — talk to one or two people, and look friendly and approachable. A quiet self-confidence is much more attractive than someone that demands attention.
Find An Unusual Hobby
People love new ideas and experiences, so don’t be afraid to stand out by being unusual. Your unique hobby — like foraging for mushrooms or looking for UFOs — is a great conversation starter that will make others want to get to know you better.