Beautiful girl on the beach wearing a bikini
6 Up-And-Coming Swimsuit Trends You'll Want To Be Caught Wearing On The Beach
Summer is coming, so it’s time for fashion-forward swimmers and sunbathers to refresh their swimwear collection to reflect the season's hottest emerging trends. Neon, animal prints, bandeaus, and low-rise bottoms are all out this season in favor of alternative fabrics, sun-protective swimwear, and an overall sexy, feminine vibe.
High-Cut Bottoms
This season, low-cut swim bottoms are being replaced with those that feature high cuts on the waist, legs, or both. High-cut waists can help create a more flattering silhouette for those who want a little help with tummy control.
Cool Textures
Dimension is going to show up a lot in this season’s swimsuits. Expect to see bikinis made from comfortable terry cloth or sparkly metallic thread lurex — both of these soft/sassy options are sure to turn heads and help you stand out.
Supportive Swimsuits
Some women want a little more support than a bandeau or string bikini can provide. Thankfully, underwire is making a comeback to add a bit of much-needed lift to the swimsuit scene, which is a relief for those whom the support is non-negotiable.
Block Colors
Block colors are everywhere right now, so it’s only natural they would bleed over into many swimwear lines. Block colors in greens, pinks, oranges, and blues, as well as neutrals are becoming very popular, so keep an eye out for them.