woman tanning on beach
6 Ways To Get A Bronzy Look Without Tanning
Self-Tanning Lotion Or Tinted Body Moisturizer
Self-tanning lotion and tinted moisturizers work like a hydrating lotion with the bonus of a tinted shine. However, they can’t protect from UV rays, so you still need to apply SPF.
Pick a formula that best suits your skin conditions and decide between sheer, medium, and full coverage. Exfoliate before using the product to ensure smooth application.
Body Shimmer
Available in both oil and spray form, body shimmers can boost your skin’s radiance that replicates a sun-kissed look. You can apply or massage it to any part of the body.
Body shimmer won’t make you look tanner, but the glow it adds to the skin’s surface can make you look fresh out of the sunlight. Use a slightly darker shade for a more intense glow.
Body Bronzer
Wash-off body bronzer is available in cream, liquid, gel, spray, and powder form. It temporarily darkens the skin, giving it a golden brown hue with a healthy sheen.
Look for bronzers that match your face bronzer and have added benefits, like skin hydration. Apply it after showering and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes before getting dressed.
Sunless Tanning Wipes
Sunless tanning wipes are regular wipes that have been soaked in a mixture of pigments to create a brownish hue on the skin. They are portable and convenient to use at any time.
One wipe will provide full body coverage, but for a more intense tan, feel free to use more. Exfoliate and moisturize before using, then use the wipe and let it dry for 10 minutes.