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6 Ways To Support Women-Owned Businesses (& Why It's So Important)
Women are still outnumbered by men when it comes to owning businesses and it should be noted that there is also a large revenue gap between businesses owned by women of color and those owned by white women. Here are six ways you can back your favorite women's businesses, and why supporting them is good for society.
Why It’s Important
There is still a gap in inequality when it comes to businesses owned by men and women. By supporting women-owned businesses and minority-women-owned businesses, you help close that gap, bring recognition to a territory dominated by men, and show the next generation that anything is possible.
Buy & Donate
The most obvious way to support women-owned businesses is by purchasing their goods because you’ll increase their income while enjoying what you bought. If you don't need their products, you can still contribute to a business's income stream by making a donation.
Social Media
If there's a particular business you want to support, follow them on their social media pages and go out of your way to like their posts. You can also comment on their posts, share their announcements or products, or tag them in your own posts that feature their products or services.
Hire & Collaborate
Hiring service-based, women-owned businesses is very helpful, as is taking up opportunities to collaborate with them. If you're a sole trader, an influencer, an artist, or a business owner, reach out to women-owned brands that you'd be interested in working with and see if there's some way you can come together to grow one another’s audiences.