woman brushing her hair
7 Hair Benefits Of Boar Bristle Brushes
1. They Distribute Oils & Make Hair Shiny
Boar bristle brushes can distribute natural hair oils from the scalp along the length of the hair. This makes hair look shiny and healthy while adding a layer of protection.
This type of brush reduces an excess of sebum from building up on the scalp. Removing sebum from the scalp can cut down scalp flaking, dandruff, and other conditions.
2. They Add Volume
Round boar bristle brushes add volume and fullness, but are gentle on delicate strands and don’t cause damage. Because of this, they are useful for adding volume to damaged hair.
These brushes are also useful due to their sticking power, meaning they tend to grip more tightly to strands than nylon or plastic, making them great for slicker hair types.
3. They Prevent Frizziness & Hair Breakage
The soft natural bristles reduce friction and static to prevent frizziness while smoothing and flattening the hair strand cuticle to keep the hair from breaking.
Using a boar bristle brush will keep strands moisturized and conditioned while relaxing the cuticle for a healthy, refined look — just be sure to use them on completely dry hair.
4. They Clean Your Hair & Scalp
The soft yet sturdy bristles easily remove dirt, dust, lint, flakes, and product buildup from hair healthily. The brush can also clear clogged pores on the scalp.
Using a boar bristle brush will also help to get rid of oiliness and loose strands, and while it can’t completely freshen unwashed hair, it can revive second or third-day hair.
5. They Stimulate The Scalp & Promote Hair Growth
Research published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine says scalp massages improve hair thickness and promote “increased blood flow to the hair follicles,” which helps hair growth.
To achieve this, use your boar bristle brush to detangle your hair from the ends to the roots, then brush your hair in sections from roots to ends in slow, fluid motions.
Be sure to apply light pressure to your brush to ensure your scalp receives a proper massage, adjusting pressure as desired. Make sure to go over each section several times.