Studio shot of a beautiful young woman using a makeup brush on her face.
7 Important Things That Will Prevent Makeup Pilling
1. Avoid Silicones
Silicones, used mostly in primers, moisturizers, and sunscreens, help your skin look smoother and glossier. However, they may also be the reason your makeup is pilling.
Our skin doesn't do a very good job of absorbing silicones, so it is best to apply products with silicone in lightweight layers or avoid them altogether to prevent pilling.
2. Maintain Peace Among Your Products
When buying products for your skincare or makeup routine, make sure they are all either oil-based or water-based, as mixing the two can often lead to flaky skin and makeup pilling.
However, if your cupboards are already filled with a mixture of both, make sure to space out the application of these conflicting products for better absorption.
3. Use The Right Amount
If your makeup routine consists of heavy creams, foundations, serums, and moisturizers, make sure you are applying a thin, lightweight layer of each product to avoid pilling.
The recommended "pea-sized" amount for heavy creams and formulas will help you avoid pilling. Using less will save your makeup look and help you go easy on
your wallet.
4. Apply In The Right Order
Your makeup routine should be a delicately thought out process where the products are applied sequentially and in the right order if you want to avoid a pilling disaster.
Start with lightweight products and work yourself up to heavier creams. If you are using both water and oil-based products, make sure you apply the water-based products first.
5. Take Your Time
When our makeup hasn't absorbed itself into our skin, or when it hasn't really settled in with the other layers of product, it becomes crumbly and starts to peel itself off.
You can prevent this by taking your time with the layering process and fitting in little tasks in between each application instead of doing your entire makeup in
one sitting.