back of woman wearing high waisted jeans and shirt
7 Outdated Fashion Trends We Won't Be Wearing This Summer
1. Micro Skirts
As maxi and midi skirts have soared in popularity, micro skirts have continued their nosedive back into obscurity, so don’t be afraid to hop on the longer skirt bandwagon.
2. High-Waisted Bottoms
High-waisted bottoms had their moment, but nothing can stop the trend wheel from turning, and the time is once again upon us for low-rise denim options to reign supreme.
3. Leggings As Pants
While it's still safe to throw a pair of leggings on under your sundresses, they are no longer interchangeable with pants in summer 2023.
4. Cold Shoulder Sleeves
Cold-shoulder sleeves have officially run their course. Instead, we're reaching for traditional sleeves or even sleeveless tops for summer 2023 fashion.
5. Joggers
Joggers are officially on their way out for summer 2023. Simply swap them out for a wide-leg lounge pant or sweatpants for an easy upgrade on those cool summer nights.