Waist down shot of a woman holding her neon pink purge in front of her knees
7 Outdated Purse Trends To Say Goodbye To This Spring
Purses are an excellent way for you to express your style, but your favorite bag might be going out of style this spring. If you’re ready to declutter some of your purses, we have a list of the styles no longer on trend and what exactly to replace them with.
Spring is all about bright colors, but neon is outdated and not trending anymore. This spring, red is taking the fashion industry by storm, and it’s not only with purses but if you need to replace them, say goodbye to neon and hello to cherry red.
Miniature Sized
Mini bags are anything but practical, so there isn’t much of a point for a purse at all. If you’re used to carrying your life around, try a boho bag because they’re spacious and can fit everything you need.
It feels like crossbody bags have been in style forever, but their reign has finally come to an end. The bags were a hit because of their practicality, and while they’re a great utility bag, they’re not something you want to wear on a night out, so try something a little more glamorous.
Suede purses require a ton of maintenance, especially if you live in an area with a ton of snow or rainfall. They’re the kind of bag you only wear on days with nice weather, making them impractical, so as of spring 2023, suede is out and metallic is in.