Couple having relationship problems.
7 Signs You Should Take A Break From Dating
You Dread All Of Your Dates
While it’s normal to experience mixed emotions before a date, dread should never be one of them. If it is, it could be that you’re in need of a break from dating.
If the feeling of dread persists, take a moment to think about why you said yes to the date. Remember to consider your need to rest and reboot before saying yes in the future.
Every Person You Date Is Wrong For You
If every person you've gone out with as of late has struck out, you might need to take a step back so you can regain the spark that accompanies connecting with a new person.
Take as much time as you need to reassess past dates and what you're looking for in a partner. Most importantly, make sure you consider your own wants and needs.
You're Afraid To Be Single
If you have friends who are already settling down with a partner or walking down the aisle, you might feel an overwhelming amount of fear about what the future holds for you.
Instead of putting pressure on yourself, take a break from dating and focus on being who you are. Soon, you’ll feel refreshed and far less overwhelmed with thoughts of the future.
You’re Obsessed With Dating Apps
Instead of spending a lot of time on dating apps, take a break or even remove the apps to help you reset and refocus on friends, family, and activities that are important to you.
If the thought of deleting your profiles makes you cringe, remind yourself that it is only temporary. You don’t have to fully delete accounts, just take a break from them.
You're Lowering Your Standards
While you can’t expect anyone to be flawless, you also shouldn’t sell yourself short. It’s essential to know your worth and why your wants and needs matter in a relationship.
If you ignore red flags and make excuses for the people you date so they fit your vision of Prince Charming, you may benefit from stepping back to reassess what you’re looking for.