7 Tips To
Help Your
Eyelashes Grow
Back Stronger
Than Before
Makeup Remover
When you remove mascara, you’ll want to use an oil-based makeup remover to help break down the products. Mascara hardens on your lashes when applied so if you rub them or sleep with it on, you’ll probably lose a few lashes.
On days you don’t wear mascara, try applying castor oil or jojoba oil to your lashes to help with regrowth. Oils are packed with fatty acids, so if you apply them to your lashes, they’ll be able to moisturize and strengthen the hair fibers to repair the keratin.
Stay Clean
Cleaning your eyelashes every day will prevent the glands on your eyelids from getting clogged and you’ll be washing away any dirt and buildup from the day. Eyelash care should be just as important as skincare and nail care, and it will help your lashes get stronger.
Lash Serums
If natural oils irritate your skin, you can try lash serums with amino acid and peptide ingredients to stimulate the growing process. The right lash serum will not only promote growth but it will keep your lashes strong.
Reduce Stress
Stress can affect many parts of your body, especially your hair. When your body is under too much pressure, the stress targets a specific area of your hair follicles and puts them in a resting state, so after a few months, the targeted hair will fall out.