Brown winter clothing. White wooden background, flat lay top view.
7 Ways To Style Flats In The Winter
Let Your Furry Flat Flag Fly
Anything fur-lined is sure to keep you warmer in the winter, and flats are no exception, but the key is to choose a pair with a back to them. To prevent ruining the fur (and potentially developing foot fungus) it's worth grabbing a few pairs of low-cut liner socks and leaving the bare feet for sandals.
A Cute Pair of Socks
Upgrade your look and stay warm by wearing a cute pair of socks with your flats, but the trick is to pair your flats with thin socks and stay away from thick, chunky materials. We personally recommended embracing your inner prep-school vibe and wearing socks with loafers and a pleated skirt or trousers.
Level Up with Loafers
Loafers are higher and more durable than your average flats, meaning they're a much better choice for the wintertime, especially if there's a light layer of snow on the ground. You can look chic and stay warm by adding a chunky pair of wool socks or even opt for wearing tights and layering the socks overtop.
Wear Your Favorite Tights
Wearing your favorite tights with a good pair of ballet flats is a classic look for autumn and winter. Liven up this combo with a pair of patterned tights, or step outside of your comfort zone and try fishnets — sure, they're a little risque, but the ballet flats balance them out, so you can still wear this look during the day.
Keep Comfy with Sweats
Not only is it comfortable, but you can look stylish with little effort by wearing sweatpants with flats, especially in the winter. Keep the warmth in and the cold out with sweats that cuff at the bottom, and avoid looking frumpy with a basic t-shirt and leather jacket.