Woman sitting on a short stool holding a green purse
8 Handbag Colors You'll See Fashionistas Clutching In 2023
Scarlet Red
Scarlet red handbags are not for those who want to blend into the background, as they are bold, classic, sultry, and officially in this spring. You can try pairing one with a neutral outfit, then adding a matching belt and stunning red lipstick.
Chocolate Brown
If you've ever admired the rich color of a chocolate Easter egg, this is your year. Warm, dark brown works perfectly as a grounding neutral that matches just about every item in any wardrobe.
Chartreuse is the color that falls exactly halfway between green and yellow, and is the perfect alternative to the typical pastel mint green. Like the brand new emerging spring leaves, you too can incorporate this lively shade into your daily routine with a chartreuse bag.
Kelly Green
If chartreuse just doesn’t work for you because it’s too bright or doesn’t match your skin tone, there’s another shade of green trending: kelly green. This green leans less yellow and incorporates a tad more blue, making it a much more versatile option.
Warm-toned neutrals continue to dominate the scene this spring with the emergence of tan, a lighter alternative to darker, richer chocolate brown. This is a color that will complement warm or neutral-toned babes a little more than those with cool-toned skin shades.