an unhappy woman sitting on a couch
8 Signs You May Have Happiness Anxiety & How To Overcome It
1. You’re Uncomfortable When Things Are Going Well
The feeling of unease and discomfort when life is going well is a sign of happiness anxiety, stemming from a lack of familiarity with stability and a tendency to constantly worry.
Be gentle as you adjust, acknowledge that things can go well, and allow yourself to embrace moments of contentment to help the brain adapt to happiness and tranquility.
2. Your Mood Plummets After Reaching A Goal
Achieving a long-awaited goal can sometimes lead to unexpected feelings of depression and worry, which happens when the mind isn’t used to basking in achievements.
In more insidious moments, you may find your post-goal happiness anxiety is full of fear of your downfall; in your mind, it feels like everything could be taken away at any moment.
3. Your Feel Panic After A Good Experience
Panic can unexpectedly strike even after moments of joy, often due to the brain's tendency to balance out happiness with anxiety when it's not accustomed to prolonged joy.
Try to release any pent-up anxiety and hold onto the joyful experience as long as possible. Allow yourself to slowly come down from it rather than plummet into a pit of anxiety.
4. You Feel Guilty For Being Happy
Many people feel guilty for being happy, especially in the age of overwhelming negative information on social media. Taking a break from the media may help overcome this.
Embracing joy and using it as motivation to make a positive impact can also alleviate feelings of guilt and allow for a meaningful contribution to others' lives.
5. When One Area Of Your Life Gets Better, Another Gets Worse
You may feel constant dissatisfaction and the need to always work on different aspects of your life. When one area improves, it can quickly be overshadowed by a worsening area.
This leads to intense anxiety and a cycle of self-improvement. That’s not always a bad thing, but make sure you appreciate your progress before moving on to the next goal.