Vain woman checking herself out in the mirror
8 Vain Zodiac Signs That Are Obsessed With Themselves
Fiery Aries
Aries are one of the fiercest, strongest signs of the zodiac, and they take pride in their appearance, accomplishments, and everything they are.
Their vanity shows more in that they don’t need affirmations. They know their worth and only need approval from themselves.
Eloquent Gemini
Geminis' inquisitive nature means they are very knowledgeable on an array of subjects, and their insatiable need to be better than everyone else makes them difficult to argue with.
A Gemini’s vanity has more to do with stroking their mental ego than admiring their physical looks. They will talk about themselves non-stop because their drama outweighs yours.
Ambitious Capricorn
Capricorns are obsessed with showing how hard they work to achieve their goals. They are not known for their flashy personalities but love being admired and envied.
Capricorns are so focused on their dreams and goals that they can come across as selfish and inconsiderate. And their need to always look their best can also seem like vanity.
Vainglorious Aquarius
Aquarius is so self-obsessed that they won’t bother entering a debate because their opinions are always correct. They may seem pompous, but they know their worth.
Aquarians are vain but don’t need anyone’s approval because they exude so much self-assuredness that it would be difficult to make them feel any better about themselves.
Jealous Scorpio
Scorpios are known for their loyalty and compassion, but their mysterious and loyal demeanor can mask their vanity. If you hurt them, they will strike back with a vengeance.
They rely on others to feed their ego, so they may use selfless acts as a way to cast themselves in a better light.