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A 'Butterfly Bob' Is A Must-Try For Ultimate Hair Volume
The butterfly bob combines the short, layered bob with the flowing long butterfly cut to create a bold and unique look. It mixes Y2 realness with a modern cut.
Old Hollywood
To channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and achieve an old-school glam look, part your butterfly bob to the side and aim for loose yet structured curls.
Go Short
If you prefer short bobs, feel free to go as short as you're comfortable with. Your hair will look edgier and bouncier since it'll be lighter.
A butterfly lob is the perfect in-between — not as lengthy as the classic butterfly look but less cropped than a full-on bob.
Natural Color
Since this cut is so trendy and bold, there's no need to opt for a vibrant or unconventional color. Instead, we recommend sticking to your natural color.
Even though the butterfly bob is specifically styled with waves, you should wear it however you want, whether it be straight, curled, or with products.