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A Deep Dive Into TikTok's Hair Theory & If It Really Works
Hair theory is a popular TikTok trend in which TikTokers typically present ultra-brief clips of themselves in the same pose and outfit — but with varying hairstyles.
People are exploring this trend to support the idea that your hairstyle is a crucial aspect of your look and that different hairstyles can help exude different vibes.
"Hairstyles can reflect your personality, style, and confidence, and all of these factors can influence how people view you,” explained Caroline Brooks, founder of a salon/spa.
While the primary hair theory trend is about hairstyles, TikToker @noseriouslypleaseleave also considered hair color and explained how different colors suit different face shapes.
Another TikToker, @sabrinasallum used the trend to discuss how guys acted differently toward her based on her hair's hue and how she found more validation with blonde locks.