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A Look At What Goes Into Treating Melasma
Melasma is a skin condition that presents itself in the form of discoloration or dark patches relative to a person's natural skin tone. Most often, these patches occur on the face of people who are pregnant or who take hormonal birth control pills and while sometimes, the melasma will go away after birth or once the form of birth control is stopped, this isn't always the case.
Melasma, unlike some other forms of skin discoloration, is not harmful; however, it cannot be cured, and its appearance may lessen and then return over time. While treatment options for the condition may vary based on your skin tone, topical medications, such as tyrosinase inhibitors, religiously practicing sun safety, and avoiding other triggers like LED light can prove helpful.
Even while using sun protection and other treatments, those with melasma might find that it darkens in appearance in the summer; this could be a result of skin irritation from skin care products and other sources, such as waxing. According to aesthetician Tiara Willis, "To protect from inflammation, look for ingredients such as resveratrol, vitamin E, and Centella Asiatica [gotu kola]" while purchasing skin care products.