Woman applying eyelineron her eyelid with a brush.
A Makeup Artist’s Easy Hack For A Perfect Winged Liner
Create The Bottom Line
“Draw a line with a thin liquid eyeliner from the bottom of the lash line about half an inch out heading towards the tail of your eyebrow,” says makeup artist Krysta Lewis. As you get more comfortable, you can draw on longer bottom lines that’ll support bolder wings.
Complete The Outline
Next, you’ll want to draw the triangle that creates the winged look on the eyelid. Whether you take the eyeliner to the inner corner, center of the eye, or the outer corner, you’ll want the line coming off the wing to taper off so it doesn’t stop abruptly.
Fill In The Outline
You'll next want to fill the wing in using either a fine-tipped eyeliner pen or an eyeliner pencil depending on what kind of look you want. “To add more definition to the eyes, continue lining the bottom until you reach the middle of the lash line,” suggests Lewis.
Complete The Look
Before you finish the look, Krysta Lewis says to “curl your lashes and apply a deep black and voluminous mascara to add to the drama you created.” If you want an even more striking look, you can apply a pair of false eyelashes, and then you’re done!