Elegant hairstyle for formal occasion
A Quick Hit Of Heat May Help Your Up-Dos Stay Longer
If you’re sick of the countless bobby pins, elastic hair ties, scarves, and hairspray, this up-do hair hack is for you. This technique involves a blow dryer and a bit of heat used in just the right way and at just the right time, offering the support it needs when you're showing off a potentially delicate and undeniably delightful up-do.
Celebrity hairdresser George Northwood says, “Give your hair a good blast with a hot hair dryer before styling it up. You'll get instant volume and texture — and, ultimately, more staying power from the start.” Place your hair in a ponytail, and “This will act as a pin cushion, helping to hold it in place,” Northwood adds.
The cool setting on your hair dryer can give your hairstyle some extra hold because “It not only seals the cuticle of the hair shaft but can give a smooth, shiny finish,” says hairstylist Ashley Rubell. Use the cool setting after you complete your up-do, and avoid using a high setting as that can mess up your hairstyle.