Young beautiful slim woman in wooden dry sauna in spa centr in white swimsuit. Relaxation wellness and beauty concept. Finnish sauna for strengthening the body's immune system, removing toxins, resting body and mind.
A Skincare Expert Details The Skin Types And Conditions That Should Probably Pass On The Sauna
The extreme dry heat of a sauna can strengthen your heart, circulate more blood, and relax your muscles, but if you have sensitive skin or damaged skin, you might have more negative effects than positive ones. The following is what esthetician Sonia Roselli had to say to Glam on identifying the skin types and conditions that should definitely avoid the sauna.
Roselli cautions that those with sensitive skin may leave the sauna with painful, itchy, or irritated skin because of the sauna’s dry and hot conditions. When it comes to skin with an active sunburn, Sonia warns that "the heat in a sauna can further irritate and damage the skin, making it important to avoid saunas until the skin has fully healed."
If you have chronic acne, eczema, or rosacea, the sauna experience may not be for you, because sweating contributes to clogged pores which can trigger acne, while the hot, sweaty conditions make eczema symptoms worse. Rosacea is a skin condition that is particularly triggered by heat, making a sauna your worst enemy since it will only worsen the condition.