Beautiful young woman with shiny brown and straight long hair. Young girl looking down over her shoulder and enjoying healthy hair
Add Some Dimension To Your Brunette Tresses With Deep Burgundy Dye
Soft And Subdued
It's tricky to predict how burgundy hair dye will show up on your hair, so you can always opt to have your stylist do a strip test first. If you're aiming for a subtle hue of burgundy, be sure to communicate that beforehand, and if your hair is darker, then chances are subtle is just what you'll get.
Bold And Beautiful
If you’re starting with a lighter base, this look will be easier to achieve. Sometimes referred to as red velvet hair, this drastic change makes for a beautiful transformation, and you're bound to have a ton of fun experimenting with your wardrobe to match this new, louder-than-life tone.
Try The Peekaboo Trend
If you aren’t ready to fully commit, opt to start slow with the peekaboo trend instead, which gives you a subtle transition into experimenting with the color. It’s stunning in wavy or curled hair and is also super fun to incorporate into up-dos.