Makeup professional artist or cosmetologist is painting contour lips of a young woman with a pencil close up
All About TikTok's Oval Lip Lining Hack
Social media plays a huge role in getting trends around. From fashion to skincare to makeup and everything in between, you can find tutorials on almost anything. Recently, TikTok has been overrun with videos on the oval lip lining strategy to make your lips appear fuller.
A TikTok makeup artist name Eloise says the first step is to mark the top center spot of your lips with lip liner between the two top points of your lips and do the same to the bottom point of the middle of your lips. Next, draw a circle to connect those two spots, then outline the rest of your lips with your liner, and fill it in with other lip products.
Another TikToker named Katia shared that your lips should be closed when you draw the connecting lines. The only overlined part of your lips should be the center when you use this strategy.