Beautician performs a needle mesotherapy treatment on a woman's face
All The Benefits You Can Expect From Microneedling
Aids Fine Lines And Wrinkles
Microneedling is scientifically proven to help improve wrinkles, and side effects are minimal since it isn’t as invasive as other anti-wrinkle procedures. It’s an excellent choice for around the eyes and mouth where other procedures can’t be safely performed.
Reduce Appearance Of Scars
This procedure is one of the most effective ways to lessen the appearance of or completely eliminate scars. Of course, the amount of times you’ll need to do the procedure to eliminate the scar depends on its size and how deep it is.
Promotes Hair Growth
While it’s possible to dermaroll your scalp to promote hair growth at home, we recommend seeing a professional for the best results. This treatment works well with a topical hair growth product as the microneedling will help it absorb into the skin.
Increases Collagen
Even those who don’t struggle with wrinkles or scars can benefit from getting an occasional microneedling treatment to increase collagen. Collagen helps form the middle skin layer, which helps with cell growth and gives skin elasticity and structure.
Helps Skincare Products
Since microneedling pokes tiny holes into your skin, it helps skincare products absorb and work better. This can be done safely at home as long as everything is clean and you avoid harsh products like chemical exfoliants, retinols, and vitamin C serums.