Valentine’s Day greeting card with modern geometric background. Stock illustration
All The Help You Need To Host The Ultimate Valentine's Day Party
Cocktail Party
You can invite anyone to a cocktail party, even those who don’t want to drink alcohol because mocktails taste just like the real deal without any liquor. Decide if you want to have a full bar, batched cocktails, a specific drink menu, finger foods, and whether or not you want to hire a bartender.
Tea Party
Decide if you want a feminine touch or an edgier vibe depending on the group of people you’re inviting. You should have various tea flavors including mint tea, green tea, and black tea, and be sure to include citrus, rose, and lavender mix-ins.
Secret Cupid Gift Exchange
Secret Cupid is the same concept as Secret Santa at Christmas time, so remind everyone to bring a gift for someone else in the group. Set a budget and have backup gifts lined up in case anyone bails at the last minute.
Medieval Party
Go all out with decorations to match the essence of medieval times, such as golden coins, flickering candles, and knights' gear. You should get royal-looking goblets to drink out of, and use golden-tined plasticware and cobblestone-designed tablecloths to capture medieval times.
White Elephant Gift Exchange
The White Elephant gift exchange is a great alternative to a Secret Cupid gift exchange. Sit in a circle and have the first person open one random gift from the pile, then the next person in line can either steal that gift or grab an unopened gift, but a gift can only be stolen once per turn.