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All The Inspo You Need For Your Valentine's Day Hairstyle
Flirty Bun
A bun is always a sophisticated, elegant, and put-together hairstyle, but it can be too tidy for Valentine’s Day. Turn a traditional bun into a flirty one by letting a lock of hair hang down in the front — this will give it a fun, playful, and sexy touch.
Romantic Waves
Romantic, or synchronizing, waves is a style borrowed from '40s Hollywood glamor, and it's a hairdo that will truly never go out of style. You can opt to do this style just on its own or you can pearl hair clips to give it a ‘90s look.
Braided Hearts
While this is a hairstyle that you probably won’t be able to achieve on your own, braided hearts will have almost everyone asking you where and how you got it done. This style is a piece of art that is also romantic and unique.
Vintage High Ponytail
With ‘90s fashions trending right now, high ponytails are in style today just as much as they were back then. You can choose to rock this ponytail with all your hair pulled back on top, or with a swooped bang to add a little more to the look.
Soft Ribbons
Ribbons add a touch of innocence when they're incorporated into a hairstyle, so if you think your outfit is too sexy, colored ribbons can help tone things down. Ribbons are pretty simple to work into an easy look as they move quite fluidly with the hair.