cherry blossoms and a full moon in the back
An Astrologer Breaks Down How May's Full Flower Moon Will Affect Each Sign
May brings the full Flower Moon, which will reach its brightest point at 1:36 p.m. EDT on May 5, 2023. This moon might also illuminate the areas of your life that need an upgrade.
In an exclusive chat, astrologer Emily Newman told us to expect to see major personal growth developments during this time, but that those changes won’t be the same for everyone.
Aries & Taurus
Newman warns Aries “may bring up issues related to intimacy and personal power,” but they can find some valuable lessons in these challenges if they keep an open mind.
To reap the Flower Moon benefits, Newman says, “Taurus must leave their cozy home, step out, and start working hard on their projects because Taurus may face financial issues.”
Gemini & Cancer
Newman suggests Gemini should “focus on emotional healing, letting go of past hurts, and manifesting healthy relationships.” They should pursue new hobbies and passions.
Cancers “will face issues related to work, health, and daily routines,” but Newman reminds them that everything happens for a reason, and that they should maintain good habits.
Leo & Virgo
2023 is Leo’s year, and they should ride those positive waves by celebrating the full Flower Moon with a fun get-together, a relaxing moon bath, or a nourishing meditation session.
If you’re a Virgo, Newman advises you take this time to “release past trauma and problems and focus on your work,” and to prioritize personal healing and support.
Libra & Scorpio
According to Newman, the full Flower Moon means Libras are about to “have a life-changing experience. [...] Whatever it is, this is the time to nurture you and enjoy your life.”
Scorpios crave independence and freedom, so Newman says this full moon is “an opportunity to grow and nurture. This time asks you to stay committed and dedicated.”