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Aquarius: Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Zodiac Sign
Aquarius Myths
Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer, pouring out blessings, creativity, and knowledge onto humanity. There are many myths from different cultures associated with Aquarius, with most of them revolving around significant floods or figures bearing cups, though the latter are mostly from Greek myths.
A Fixed Air Sign
Though this sign is symbolized by free-flowing water, Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which means it’s part of the group of astrological signs that preserve traditions, uphold their responsibilities, and cannot be easily distracted. Aquarians are not particularly flexible and can become irritated when the world doesn’t work
the way they believe it should.
Some Aquarian Qualities
Not only are Aquarians creative, clever free spirits, but they possess a level of unpredictability that keeps people on their toes and often have unpopular opinions, a badge they wear with pride. Generally, Aquarians are well-liked people with an innate charm that draws others to them and have a deeply rooted sense of compassion.
Often Misunderstood
The Aquarius has a rebellious streak and is often misunderstood, as they fearlessly forge their own path, regardless of what others think, and despise being told what to do or how to do it. Many Aquarians feel misunderstood simply because they embody seemingly conflicting ideals, such as being social creatures
who love to self-isolate.
Overthinking and Stress
Aquarians are extra sensitive to excessive worrying because they are so idealistic and analytical that it is easy for them to get stuck in their own heads and don’t make time to deal with this stress properly. Exploring their unique hobbies and favorite pastimes, as well as meditation and solitude, are great ways for this busy, stressed sign to relax.