woman with dark blond hair from back
Are Dark Blond And Light Brown Hair Really Different?
There is a debate on TikTok about whether dark blond hair and light brown hair are the same. They are different, but why they are different is a more complicated answer.
Los Angeles-based hairstylist Fae Norris explains, “It's something that's not really up for debate, according to the mass majority of color scales,” dark blond is still blond.
It’s very easy to confuse the two shades if you’re not a hairdresser, but there is an effortless way to identify them. Unfortunately, it might be difficult at first.
Lacer Hair shares that you need to look at the hair's undertones to tell the difference. Blonds have “warmer undertones,” and brunettes have “cooler ones.”
At the end of the day, if you’re struggling to identify your own hair color, you can always ask a hairstylist or look at professional color charts online to compare.