Are Dip Powder Manicures Bad For Your Nails?
If you've visited a nail salon recently, you've probably noticed how popular dip powder manicures are today, even though this style of manicure has been around since the 1980s. They are well-liked since they assert that they are better for your nails than gel and acrylic, but are they really healthier?
As with gels and acrylics, there are risks to be considered with dip powder. One of the main issues is whether it is sanitary to dip numerous clients' fingers into the same powder pot, as this increases the risk of bacterial infection, while another is the harsh chemicals used, which can also cause irritation.
Regular or French manicures, which just require swiping polish over the nail, as well as press-on nails, which may be applied and removed as frequently as you like, are the safest kind of manicures. Dip powder manicures, like gel and acrylic manicures, can generally be considered safe if done sporadically and by a professional.