Close-up of young mixed-race woman wrinkling her face, with pursed lips, wearing blue eye make-up with turquoise background
Are Fine Lines Solely Caused By Age?
By Glam Staff
Before you confuse fine lines with wrinkles, fine lines are actually much shallower than wrinkles and are commonly found near your eyes or mouth due to smiling or frowning, says The Times of India. While the natural process of aging plays a part in the appearance of fine lines, it isn’t the sole cause.
Fine lines can also be attributed to collagen loss — which can happen because of age, genetics, or even sun damage. Additionally, there are lifestyle factors that play a role in the appearance of fine lines, such as repetitive facial expressions, the way you sleep, dehydration, rubbing your eyes, and smoking.
Luckily, you can prevent and reduce fine lines with regular applications of sunscreen, moisturizer, and creams with retinol or Vitamin C. If the damage is already done, Good Housekeeping suggests getting high-tech laser facial treatments from your local dermatologist, or with at-home laser kits.