Close up of an ear with an auricle piercing
Auricle Piercing: What Is It, And Why Is It So Dang Painful?
Auricle Piercing
An auricle piercing is found on the outer edge of the ear and is sometimes known as a type of helix placed below an upper helix and above a typical lobe piercing. This spot has cartilage which requires your piercer to use a 14G or 16G needle, which might not be pleasant for you.
Cartilage & Needle Drag
Piercings can sting for hours, but an auricle piercing is much more painful and the thick nature of the area can cause friction. The discomfort doesn’t end after the appointment is over because you may have to wait anywhere between six to eight months to finish healing.
Bearable Auricle
All helix piercings are rough, but they don’t have to be unbearable when you get them done. An editor at Cosmopolitan, named Sophie, chose a top-level piercer who offered comfort, support, and helpful tips; they had her lay back and raised her up gradually when it was over.