Close up of woman's made up face has her nails on forehead and cheek
‘Baby Boomer’ Nails Are A Decades-Old Classic Coming Back With A Vengeance
Elongate Your Fingers
Baby boomer nails are the best option if you want to lengthen your fingers because the base color is quite close to your skin color and the gradient hues elongate and slim your fingers. To add even more length, round your tips into an oval shape.
Darker Shade of Pink
Since baby boomer nails are so versatile, a medium rose color can be used instead of a pale pink shade. You'll want to make sure the colors are seamlessly blended because the contrast between the pink and white is greater.
Base For Design
Baby boomer nails are the perfect base for fun designs. You can be as creative as you like and add designs with glitter or gold leaf, but remember to let the soft pink and white shades shine through in some areas.
Square Tips
Long rectangle-shaped nails will always remain a classic, and the benefit of them is that they’re easy to maintain on your own. A square tip makes them less prone to chipping and you can make them look more natural by adding a slight curve to the tips rather than a flat head.
Shorter Nails
If you prefer short nails, you can still rock these baby boomer nails because the minimalist look instantly adds elegance. You might have less surface area to cover, but if you start the gradient effect mid-nail, you'll still be able to pull off the ombré look.