Backcombing Your Brows Is The Easiest Way To Refresh
Them On The Go
Eyebrows are one of the main features that define your face, and hot weather or harsh winds can cause the hairs in your brows to wither, fly astray, and look unkempt. The great news is you can simply backcomb your brows, and it only takes a few seconds to achieve an effortless, clean look, regardless of if you got ready that day or not.
Backcombing your brows will instantly add a refreshing finish to your look, and it hardly requires any effort. Backcombing involves stroking your brow hairs in the opposite direction of their normal growth, which not only makes them appear thicker but also adds texture and dimension, counteracting the flattening effects of the weather or everyday activity.
All you need to accomplish this task is a spoolie or rounded eyebrow brush, but you can also rely on an eyebrow gel if you need a little more hold. The key to getting this effect is to not only brush against the follicles, but in an upwards motion as well, providing a lift, while the backcomb introduces the texture.