Closeup of a women's hands displaying her Barbiecore and metalilic manicure
Barbiecore + Metallics = Match Made In Manicure Heaven This Spring
Dip Of Color
For a fun play on French tip nails, add a metallic-colored tip. Be creative by painting your nails a shade of pink and then pouring a small amount of polish onto a dish so that you can dip your nails for a colorful duality of pinks and metallics.
Ombré Nails
For this delicate look, use a sheer French ombré mix of pink and glistening metallics. As you move from lighter shades of pink to darker ones, continuously add in more metallic shine and some glitter for a more layered look.
Surprise On The Underside
Blend Barbiecore and metallics by painting both sides of your nails, including the top and bottom. Paint the top with the Barbiecore pink of your choosing, then on the underside of your nail paint the metallic for a surprise burst of glimmering shine.
Paint all your fingers, except the ring finger, a shade of pink or metallic pink. For your ring finger, let the metallic take center stage by painting it with the color of your choice, be it gold, silver, bronze, or an extra pink hue of rose gold.
Light & Translucent
Translucent manicures are definitely in vogue right now. To obtain this look start with a base of very sheer pink or clear nail polish, then add in metallic glitter, sparkles, polish, or designs that show both the opaque metallics and the diaphanous undercoat.