BB Cream Vs. CC Cream: What's The Real Difference?
“BB” is an abbreviation for blemish balm and “CC” is an abbreviation for color correction. They have become staples in makeup routines as all-day wear or even as primers, but while they can be used for similar reasons, there are still differences between the two.
The biggest difference is in how intensely they cover skin imperfections because BB cream is ideal for hiding blemishes and CC cream is beneficial if you struggle with an uneven skin tone. Their consistencies are also different as BB cream tends to be thicker and more hydrating than CC cream, but they can be worn together and actually help the appearance of your skin.
BB cream and CC cream often come with SPF protection, which is beneficial against the sun’s UV rays. However, make sure you check the ingredients, especially in CC cream because it should have vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, otherwise it can simply be categorized as a tinted moisturizer.