Be Aware Of This Conversation Red Flag When You Start Dating Someone New
While dating is supposed to be fun and carefree, it can be a minefield that must be navigated with both eyes open. Warning signs need to be recognized — not overlooked because you’re smitten — so if you’re dating someone new, watch out for this typical conversation red flag, which can be a deal breaker moving forward.
A selfish chatterer is someone who monopolizes the conversation, usually zones out when someone else talks, interrupts, citing a need to share advice, and can put others down to make themselves look good. Psychotherapist Rachel Astarte says this type of person might have narcissistic tendencies in addition to low self-esteem.
When you're with someone who talks excessively without regard for social cues, assess what they are trying to say — some are just socially awkward, not a narcissist. However, if they constantly turn the conversation back to them, that's a sure sign this relationship is not healthy, and instead of staying out of politeness, protect your boundaries and excuse yourself.