Model in Silver Dress. Fashion Woman in Sequin Mini Gown with Long Fit Legs over white Background. Sexy Girl in Party Glittering Dress Happy Dancing
Be The Best-Dressed Wedding Guest This Season By Following These Trends
Aquamarine Tones
Check out various dresses in aqua for warm or tropical wedding weather, such as long satin, ruched, short cut-out, or backless dresses. To make the color of the dress stand out and make you stand out from the other guests, wear silver jewelry with it.
Pop Of Red
If you like neutral colors for your dress, adding red can help you stand out from the crowd, whether it's in the form of high heels, your go-to bag, or your eye makeup. Try a red satin skirt and a neutral satin top, or a neutral skirt with a striking red top, if you don't want to wear a dress.
Metallic Shoes
Although wearing shoes in neutral colors or white, black, or nude may be the simplest and safest choice, try metallic shoes this wedding season. Metallic shoes in gold, silver, or bronze, are easy to pair with everything, so you’ll have a few options for your outfits.
Floral With Rosettes
Big flowers have become a very popular trend that can be worn in a multitude of ways. You can buy dresses with a few rosettes sewed in, wear them as chokers in any size, or embrace the trend by wearing a scrunchie or corsage with rosettes.
Touch Of Lace
Choose a lingerie-inspired dress with lace down the hemline, neckline, or sleeves, but avoid wearing a full-on lingerie slip dress. Moreover, you can wear a dress with a corset bodice to emphasize your figure without showing anything inappropriate.