Blooming Gel Is The Manicure You're Going To See Everywhere
Blooming Gel Nails
Blooming gel manicures—so termed because a clear gel polish is used to cover nail art, allowing the design to truly "bloom"—are becoming more and more well-liked for its unique design. The outcome is comparable to what occurs when a drop of food coloring is added to water.
Animal-Inspired Nails
Blooming gel manicures featuring animal skin-like textures, including snakeskin, tortoiseshell, or crocodile designs, have really taken off. People hopped onto this trend when Dua Lipa was seen showing off her colorful, nature-inspired manicure on Instagram.
Classic Marble Nails
The marble style of blossoming gel manicures is one of the most well-established designs. A few different nail color tones are typically blended together, then swirled on the nail to resemble marble patterns before being finished with a clear top coat to produce the blooming effect.
Psychedelic Nails
The 1970s are well in the past, but the psychedelic style not only persists but remains beloved in the fashion world. Tie-dye and psychedelic-inspired blooming gel nails are bright, trippy, and perfect for those who want their eclectic style to shine extra bright.
The amazing thing about this manicure is that you can perform it at home for a reasonable price. After cleaning the nails and removing any old polish or dirt, apply the gel base coat, make your design and embellishments, and then cure it under a UV lamp to set everything.